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category: Tekstovi jebačkih pesama

Do They Owe Us A Living - Crass

Fuck the politically minded, here's something I want to say, About the state of nation, the way it treats us today. At school they give you shit, drop you in the pit, You try, you try, you try to get out, but you can't because they've fucked you about. Then you're...

Fuck the System - Exploited

  It doesn't really matter What you've got to say They never fucking listen To you any way [Chorus] So fuck the system You can bring it down So fuck the system We can bring it down Future is chaos and anarchy The misery continues...

Punk Rock Christmas

Reče Exploited- "Fuck Religion", reče Tankard "Fuck Christmas" i reče Sex Pistols: Its gonna to be A punk rock christmas this year, Even santa's gonna be A Sex Pistol for a day All those christmas trees swinging safety pins from their leaves It's...
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