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The Greatest Four of Thrash Metal (part one)

hcpunkerka | 02 April, 2012 22:09

      Behind seven hill and seven hells and seven grills and seven bells there is Metal Island- home to belivers in Black Sabbath.  People pray every single day with a beer in their hend and they have masses every Saturday night in local club called "Metall Church".  It is customary to on masses always play diferent band. This week it will be Overkill. It?s practice for residents of that island to wear T-shirt of their own bands and thats how they recognize each other.  Residents of that island are called "metalheads". All metalheads of Metal Island play some instrument. The most common are guitarist but drimmers are not so rare. There are sectarians too - they belive in bands like the Doors, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.
    Long time ago on the continent punk was spreading like plague. To the members of the Black Sabbath didn`t like it. One day, they was summoned a parlament to decide what to do.  Frontmens of all island bands were there.  Black Sabbath were siting on the top of the room. Blessed Princ of Darkness- Ozzy Osburne got up and said:
"Punk started to rise. If it continue to grow the whole world will be in anarchy and all humanty will love the Sex Pistols. We got to do something. Who wants to save world from rebels?".
 Everyone shuted up.  You could heard the breathing. It was the guietes moment in all history of island.  No one wanted to volinteer.  In that moment wild James  Hetfield appeared covered with a beer.
"I will do it! Hic!" he said.
"You can´t do it on your alone. Who wants to help him?"
"I´ll do it"  said Dave Mustaine from Megadeth.
"Me too!" said Joey Belladonna from Antrax.
"Who said beer?" said Tom Araya from Slayer.
"Then it is decide- Metallica, Megadeth, Antrax and Slayer will go to a world tour. They will start tomorrow in Požarevac in Serbia. Be carefoul, they do not like metal so much."

 "Don´t worry about a thing, because every litle thing is gona be all right..." (I know. I wonder too how Bob Marley came on the Metal Island).


Re: The Greatest Four of Thrash Metal (part one)

hcpunkerka | 06/04/2012, 00:02

Boli me kita ko se s kim družio, ko je s kim bio. Posebno mi se jebe za Ramonse. Puštam mašti na volju a ne pišem biografiju. Svi mi volimo ženske i lovu xD Metal je jedno veliko prženje. Da se nisu nimalo pržili- da li bi bili toliko popularni. Definiši mi iskrenost.


Mutljaga Punk bez Runt over Riot | 02/04/2012, 23:43

Pa npr. može malo istorije ko je sa kime bio pijatelj?
NPR... Metallicccccca sa RRRRRRaaaaaammmoones-ima, takođe Motorhead-i itd....
Cenim trud, ali ne vidiš poentu svega - sve to je "Velika Rock end roll prevara..." tj niko nije bio iskren, samo su hteli love, ženske itd... Pozzzzz za ideju!

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